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Our professional and technical experience and expertise allows us to provide a wide variety of services to our clients, such as Accounting and Auditing, Tax or Management Advisory Services to commercial and governmental entities. We are committed to provide a dedicated team of professionals in each engagement.

Accounting, Auditing and Other Related Services

Tax Services

Management Advisory Services




Industry Served

  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Credit Union
  • Local and Federal
  • Retail
  • Developers
  • Supermarkets
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Engineers and consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Manufacturing
  • Auto dealers
  • Office supplies and furniture
  • Leasing Physicians
  • Professional services
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Public Sector Restaurants

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We provide services that relates to client’s financial statement and financial reporting, all within the guidelines dictated by the regulatory boards of the accounting profession. Among these services, we provide:

  • Audit
    Result in an opinion as to whether or not the financial statements fairly represent the client’s financial position and results of operations in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United State of America. It requires such procedures as internal control revision, confirmations with outside parties, examining supporting documents, etc.
  • Review
    Inquiry and analytical procedures are performed on the client’s financial statement which provides limited assurance that no material changes are needed to be in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.
  • Compilation
    Preparation of financial statements based on information provided by management, with no assurance as to whether material, or significant changes are needed to be in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.
  • Other assurance services
    Includes a variety of new types of emerging services including attest services that are designed to improve the quality of information or its context for decision-makers.
  • Accounting services
    Includes preparing and maintaining on a recurring basis, the accounting records of clients with limited in-house capabilities. Also includes support with their computerized systems.



With over twenty years of experience, our awareness of emerging issues and the selective use of specialized consultants, we provide our clients, both individual and businesses, advise on all aspects of federal, state and local tax issues. Below please find summary of some of the services that we provide:

  • Tax and financial planning
    Developing short and long-term strategies for building and preserving assets while minimizing implications.
  • Tax consulting
    Advise on tax effects on changing accounting methods, investment opportunities, ownership transfer and corporate restructuring.
  • Business tax advice
    Recommendations, implementation and supervision in connection with the organization, acquisition, sale, merge or business disposition. Advice and recommendation as to the best business organization. Advice and recommendation as to the best business organization (individual, corporation, partnership, special partnership, etc.) taking into consideration the client’s expectations, and tax situation.
  • Other Tax Services
    1. Representing clients before state and federal tax authorities
    2. Provide income and estate tax counseling on matters resulting from separation and divorce
    3. Prepare and obtain advance ruling from the Puerto Rico Treasury Department on the tax consequences of a business decision
    4. Prepare tax returns, among others:
      • Individuals
      • Corporations
      • Partnerships
      • Special partnerships
      • Estate
      • Personal property
      • Corporation report
      • Municipal license



We are committed not only to meet but also exceed our client’s expectations and the Firm is a strong believer of the concept “value-added” when providing our services. This philosophy and our business experience dealing with a variety of industries, enable us to provide a broad range of advisory services to our clients, such as:

Finance and Accounting

  • Budgeting and cash flow projections
  • Cash management
  • Cost accounting
  • Valuation and appraisal
  • Development of chart of accounts
  • Medicare cost report preparation (Hospital, Home Care and Hospice)

General Management

  • Business planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Succession planning
  • Corporate restructure

Management Information Services (MIS)

  • Accounting systems
  • Equipment acquisition
  • System support
  • Our Firm is a Certified Peachtree Business Partner

Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

  • Settlement negotiations and mediation
  • Divorce settlements
  • Estate witness testimony
  • Contractors claims
  • Lost earnings calculations